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Before booking, please call for an appointment. Please think carefully the date and duration of stay, since the deadline is binding for both parties.

With an advance reservation is required in the amount of minutes. 30% of the total amount for the stay, no less than 100 PLN. Making a booking constitutes acceptance of the rules in force at our facility.

Terms of rooms, Maria & Natasha

Charge per stay is charged on arrival, in accordance with the agreed timetable. Payments we accept only cash. We do not accept credit cards.

In case of cancellation of the booked stay by your deadline, for reasons independent of us, the deposit is not refundable. If you do not pay an advance reservation within the prescribed period shall be canceled.

Advances for booking Rooms Maria
Maria Bebek
46 Wyzwolenia Str. 43-460 Wisla
Silesia Bank Account No. 02 1050 1096 1000 0090 7771 4849

Advances for booking Rooms Natasha
Guest Rooms Bebek Janusz
46 Wyzwolenia Str. 43-460 Wisla
Silesia Bank Account No. 03 1050 1096 1000 0023 1382 1411



46 Wyzwolenia Str. 43-460 Wisla


Maria +48 33 85 528 84, +48 607 158 416 / Natasza +48 33 85 839 21, +48 602 116 290


[email protected]